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The debate about whether solar power is reliable or not has been going to for several decades. Several concerns have been raised consistently about the reliability and cost-efficiency of solar power systems.

Now, there has been an evident shift from the opinion of experts from ‘no’ to ‘yes’. So, does that means investing in a solar power system is worthwhile for all? If you are located in Port Stephens and are curious to know whether you should go solar, keep reading.

There are various pros and cons of using a solar energy system specifically for the residents of the Port Stephens area.


The latest advancements in solar power systems have made them more reliable and cost-efficient. Most of the concerns related to the installation of a solar power system in the home or commercial premises have now been addressed, thanks to the continual advancements in the field of solar technology.

This is why experts have come to a consensus that solar power might be a more reliable source of power for residential and commercial premises and that it would certainly offer great cost savings in terms of electricity bills.

However, there are still a few ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ that need to be discussed. These ifs and buts are location specific. This means while a solar power system would be generally good to have for most homes, a lot depends on where you stay and the amount of sunshine your city receives. This is an important criterion that must not be ignored because even the most innovative and advanced technologies will not be able to help power up your home with solar energy if the solar panels do not receive good sunlight.

So, now let’s check how feasible and reliable solar energy can be for those who stay in Port Stephens depending on the climatic conditions and the sunlight this place receives.


The climate of Port Stephens is mild and comfortable. This means it is neither too sunny nor too cloudy.

During Summer, from December to February, the temperature in this city ranges from 18 to 28°C, which, according to the solar energy experts at Sunface Solar, is excellent for generating energy to power up homes.

In Autumn, from March to May, the days are sunny and the nights are colder.  This again makes it ideal for you to have a solar power system at home as the sunshine during the daytime would still produce sufficient electricity. The electricity would be stored in the battery back-up systems attached to the solar panels to be used up by the electrical appliances and gadgets at your home at nighttime.

Solar Power Installation
Solar Power

The winter months from June to August are often a cause of concern for most cities. But, in Port Stephens, the weather is colder yet sunny even in this season.  The temperature ranges from 9 to 18°C. While the end of August usually produces some cloud cover to reduce the potential sunlight output, it is not a cause for concern as the solar system still produces a substantial output.

Again, the spring months from September to November can provide a surge in electricity production with the warm and sunny days it brings. The temperatures usually fall between 13 to 25°C making solar energy a highly reliable source of power for your home. The addition of daylight savings time, starting in October, also means that longer daylight in the afternoon is more feasible for solar input.

The weather conditions at Port Stephens provide a favourable setting for the residents of this region to invest in a solar power system. The warm weather coupled with a sufficient amount of sunlight available during almost all months of the year can convert into a continuous supply of energy for your home. This, in turn, means lots of savings on your electricity bills and the freedom to go off-grid should you choose to invest in this alternative.


Reduces electricity bills

You will see huge savings on your electricity bills once you install a solar power system at your home. It will allow you to reduce your expenditure on power needs by simply converting the freely available solar energy into a usable form of energy to light up your home.


Due to the ongoing availability of sunlight in the region, solar power is a very reliable source of energy. Couple this with the advancements in modern technology to ensure your solar system is working efficiently, you are pretty much guaranteed a reliable energy solution.

Environment Friendly

Solar electricity produces no greenhouse gases as it generates energy directly from sunlight instead of burning fossil fuels. Hence, it is considered an environment-friendly source of power.

Why Sunface Solar?

Sunface Solar offers comprehensive solutions to help you go solar with its wide range of high-quality products and services.

Sunface Solar is an Australian-owned company that is committed to providing you with reliable source of energy through the solar panel systems. It offers the latest available technologies in the solar panels, battery back-up systems, and solar inverters to ensure your house receives a continuous source of electricity all days of the year. Our solar energy experts provide advice and suggestions to help you choose the best solar power system suitable for your home based on your specific needs. 

Our solar power experts can help residents in the Port Stephens area by providing support for the installation of the panels at strategic locations to maximize energy production. If you are frustrated with the ever-increasing electricity bills, call us now to learn more about solar energy and how it can provide a reliable and cost-effective energy supply for your home.

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