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Solar installation Kingston

Sunface Solar is an Australian owned and operated solar power installer. Our Kingston-based team will personally assist you in installing an affordable solar energy system that best meets your needs to provide sustainable energy for your property.

Whether you own a home or commercial premises the benefits of installing solar panels in Kingston are plentiful. We believe that solar power is the best investment you can make to save on your monthly bills and help build a sustainable future. That’s why our team of solar panel installers in Kingston offers a professional service that’s quick and hassle-free.

Solar panel installations are the future for Kingston

In recent years, the Kingston community has started to come together to find a solution for reducing our carbon footprint after seeing the effect that our excessive fuel consumption is having on the environment.

To take action against climate change, both domestic and commercial solar products are becoming increasingly popular throughout Tasmania. In fact, by 2040 the government has vowed to double Tasmania’s renewable energy generation by 200%.

Save on energy bills with a solar installation

If your last electricity bill gave you a shock, you aren’t alone. Many Tasmanians are struggling to pay the annual increases in energy costs with many seeking out alternative energy solutions to power their homes.

By generating your own free energy using solar panels, you won’t need to buy so much from your energy supplier. Sunface Solar’s customers who have made the switch to solar are already saving themselves money on their annual energy bills.

Solar Panels Installation
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Can I generate enough energy by installing solar power in Kingston?

Solar panels on properties in Kingston are usually able to generate a sufficient amount of energy to suit daily household needs.

The optimal location for solar panels to get the most exposure to the sun is on a south-facing roof of your property. However, they will still work at a reduced rate without facing directly at the sun so long as some light can reach the panels. The rate at which the solar panels generate electricity varies depending on the amount of direct sunlight that reaches the panels as well as the size, quality and location of panels in use.

What should I expect after my solar power installation?

Solar panels are very easy to maintain and require little on-going maintenance aside from needing a clean a few times per year or replacing cables. In general, most of the wear and tear of solar panels is minimal and is mostly caused by weather conditions.

To give you full peace of mind, we offer a 10-year workmanship guarantee and a 25-year performance warranty on all of our products. With Sunface Solar, you can always rest assured knowing that we only use the most reliable technology on the market and we are always searching for the best solutions to provide a solar panel installation that is suited to your needs.

Where are Sunface Solar based?

Our head office is based in Launceston and we service and install Solar in Kingston and throughout Tasmania. We have a wide range of products to suit the domestic and commercial needs for solar energy. Our solar panel installations in Kingston are delivered using the very best service and expertise available.

If you’re interested in a solar panel installation in Kingston or you would like to know more about changing to solar energy, then Sunface Solar is here to assist you. Just give us a call on  1300 786 322 or fill in our contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly.