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Solar energy uses sunlight that is captured to create photovoltaic energy or concentrated solar energy for solar heating. This energy conversion enables the energy from the sun to be used in lights, heaters, swimming pools , etc.

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is obtained from the solar radiation that reaches the Earth in the form of light, heat or ultraviolet rays. It is a type of clean and renewable energy, since its source, the Sun, is an unlimited resource.

To transform solar energy into electrical energy, the electromagnetic radiation that comes from the Sun is collected by different means (thermal collectors, photovoltaic cells, etc.).

Solar energy can be used in two ways: through thermal conversion, which consists of transforming solar energy into thermal energy, and photovoltaic conversion, in which solar panels are used to collect light energy and convert it into electrical energy.

The energy from the Sun has been used by humans since ancient times in multiple ways. An example of this is the use of the Sun as a source of heat to dry clothes.

Solar energy is important for the planet as it is a renewable energy resource that could reduce our dependence on highly polluting fossil fuels. In addition, it helps sustainable development, reduces pollution, and reduces environmental impact.

Passive and active solar energy

Solar energy can be classified as passive or active, depending on how it is captured, converted, and used.

Uses of Solar Energy

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Solar powered transportation

An innovative practice to make efficient and convenient use of solar energy is transportation that is powered by solar energy. Common examples include buses, railways, cars, and even today roads can be powered by sunlight. In fact, solar powered cars are playing a key role in racing competitions around the world, which also speaks of a lot of momentum being generated. 

Wearable Technology

Consumer electronics are everywhere and are more popular today than ever. It has also become one of the most common uses for solar energy. For example, solar chargers like Anker Powerport, have the ability to charge everything from a Smartphone to a Tablet or electronic reader. There are even solar-powered flashlights that can be charged simply by being in sunlight. Cell phones, wearables, speakers, Tablets, thermostats, as well as dryers or radios, are other examples of the use of solar energy.

Solar lighting

It is probably one of the most common uses of solar energy and it is also one of the easiest ways to improve energy efficiency in homes. Unlike what happens with traditional outdoor lights, solar lighting does not really require any configuration, since the lights are wireless and take advantage of the energy of the sun during the day to avoid the need to supply power during the day. night.

Not only that, the aesthetics of solar lighting today can even significantly improve the decoration on the outside of homes. Both the availability and low cost of these lighting products are one reason why solar powered street lighting is so common.


Solar heaters harness the sun’s energy and transform it into thermal energy through the use of liquid or air, while solar water heaters use water as a method for heat transfer. Also, these solar heating systems can be passive or active. In the first case, they are systems that use natural circulation, while with active systems, pumps are used to circulate the water and generate heat.

Rooftop solar panels

Solar energy can also be used to save homeowners a great deal of money by reducing electricity consumption through the use of solar panels. While solar energy can be used to fly an airplane and charge a battery, it is equally useful to save a lot of energy and at the same time contribute to the environment.

In the end, it is important to know that if you want to opt for a way of life that takes advantage of solar energy, it is advisable to first estimate the potential savings of solar energy and check the benefits it would provide for the household economy. The use of the sun’s energy to improve the efficiency of the home is recommended, but probably the best way to improve electricity costs is through the installation of domestic solar panels that have the ability to provide energy to the home without the excessive costs that are traditionally had.

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Benefits of solar energy

Although there are other types of renewable energy (such as wind, hydro or geothermal), solar energy has become popular as one of the easiest renewable energies to produce and has democratized access to green energy sources. We are going to list some of the advantages and benefits of this type of energy:

It is ecological, an inexhaustible source (the Sun will be with us for the next million years), and its transformation into thermal or photovoltaic energy does not produce waste (unlike nuclear or fossil fuels).

It has less impact on the environment. Although other renewables are also inexhaustible and without waste, the impact of solar is less. For example, wind turbines have a negative impact on birds, as do hydraulic installations on fish in rivers. This does not happen with solar installations.

It is reusable. One of the problems with renewable energies is that they are irregular (they depend on the wind blowing, the river going down, the tide rising or the sun shining). But thanks to technological progress, solar energy can now be stored to transform it into electricity on demand or take advantage of the surpluses generated.

It is democratic. The installation of solar panels has been falling in price gradually, so that almost everyone can access solar self-consumption with their own solar panels in their home or neighboring building. A way of self-sufficiency even for isolated cores of the network.

It is customizable. From private facilities of a few square meters to large energy production areas located in solar plants, solar energy adapts to all kinds of needs, land and societies.

It generates wealth, employment and contributes to sustainable development. The reconversion of the sector and the development of careers related to solar energy are increasingly important, covering sectors that range from engineering, installation, and operation.

It reduces the use of fossil fuels, therefore of energy imports of oil, and thus allows us to be more self-sufficient as a society.

Solar Power in Gagebrook

At Solar Power Gagebrook we are experts in solar self-consumption. We accompany you throughout the process: from designing the best solution for your home according to its orientation, its situation or depending on whether it is a single-family house or a neighboring building; going of course through the installation of photovoltaic solar panels; to the management of your invoices and the redistribution of the surpluses produced. We have our own team of solar panel installers who will be in charge of giving you the best solution for your case, thus optimizing both production and energy consumption.