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At Solar Power Bridgewater, as specialists in energy efficiency, we offer our clients the installation of solar panels, energy saving solutions and renewable energies, for individuals and companies.

What is solar energy?

Solar energy refers to the use of energy from the Sun. It is classified as a type of renewable energy to the extent that the abundance of energy contained in the Sun is considered inexhaustible. Not surprisingly, the Sun has been emitting solar radiation for five billion years and calculations indicate that it has not yet reached 50% of its existence.

The energy from the Sun is not only inexhaustible but also abundant, since the amount of energy poured out by the Sun on the Earth daily is ten times greater than that consumed daily on the planet. Another energy that is considered inexhaustible is Geothermal, because if it is managed properly it can be indefinite.

The radiation received is distributed in a more or less uniform way over the entire earth’s surface, a circumstance that makes its use more difficult. It is transformed through the corresponding devices, in electrical or thermal form, for later consumption in the place where it is needed.

Who has not ever wondered how the energy produced by the Sun is produced? Well, the process of creating energy from sunlight begins with the fundamental part of a solar installation , such as solar panels.

The element that is responsible for capturing solar radiation, transforming it into useful energy, is the solar panel. There are solar panels of different types depending on the mechanism selected to take advantage of solar energy:

Sunlight strikes the thin layer of silicon on the top of the panel, shedding electrons from the silicon atoms. Electrons are negatively charged, which means that they are attracted to one side of the silicon cell. Thus, an electrical current is created that is captured by the wiring of the solar panel.

By virtue of the so-called “photovoltaic effect”, the electrons that flow and have been released by the light that comes from the Sun constitute the basis of the electricity that is generated from solar panels.

Since these panels are formed by groups of cells or solar cells that cause the transformation of light energy (photons) into electrical energy (electrons). Another renewable energy that uses electrons and atoms for its operation is ionization.

Uses of solar energy

Solar energy uses the energy produced by sunlight and is captured to create photovoltaic energy or concentrated solar energy. This conversion makes it possible for solar energy to be used for lighting, heaters and heaters, swimming pools, etc. 

Solar energy has numerous applications, both in the natural world interacting with all living beings, and in the human economy. The sun provides all living beings with light, energy and heat , but humans get more out of our lifestyle. With this energy we get electricity, heat, transport and much more. Here we show you the most common uses of this type of renewable energy.

Solar Panel Installation

1. Transportation

For a few years there have been manufacturers in the automotive sector working on the incorporation and manufacture of car models that move thanks to solar energy. This practice makes efficient use of solar energy and extends to other transports such as buses, trains or even roads powered by sunlight.

2. Electricity

It is perhaps its most basic use. Thanks to a photovoltaic panel you can take advantage of the sun’s energy to generate electricity . With which to feed the energy consumption of a complete home, hotel or even companies.

3. Pool heating

Being able to use the caloric power of the sun to condition the temperature of the heated pools allows the prolongation of the bath in both indoor and outdoor pools.

4. Heating

A solar heater harnesses the energy from the sun and converts it into thermal energy . Using solar energy as a heat source achieves an energy saving of 70%. And it can also be used both for the production of hot air in winter, and air conditioning in summer.

5. Hot water

The implementation of solar panels in a home also serves to heat water. These systems are perfect, especially in warm areas and with hours of daylight, since sunlight is better used.

Solar Power
Solar Panel.

6. Irrigation of plantations

For a few years, irrigation systems in agriculture have been programmed and computerized to save water. The high volume of water intended for irrigation or water supply for consumption has found a great ally in solar pumps . This allows them an optimal use of the water . There are several types of solar pump irrigation systems: those that use directly from solar panels (pressure), those that are powered by photovoltaic energy (pivot) or those that are completely automated (also with solar panels).

7. Lighting

It is one of the simplest ways to improve energy efficiency in homes . The solar lighting uses wireless lights that use energy from the sun during the day and stored to produce light during night.Also with the installation of several solar panels gardens, highways, roads, etc, can light up using solar energy without need to use a power line or source of electrical power.

Solar energy advantages

As a renewable energy, solar energy is a clean and sustainable way to produce energy that has pros, although many researchers, scientists and experts are working to reduce the latter. Let’s review what are the advantages of solar energy.

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At Solar Power Bridgewater, as specialists in energy efficiency, we offer our clients the installation of solar panels, energy saving solutions and renewable energies, for individuals and companies. You can contact us through our website.