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Solar Power is a cost effective energy solution with a high return on investment. Whether you are a homeowner, business enterprise or a not-for-profit organisation, electricity bills take up a substantial portion of income and so every little saving helps. Installing a Sunface Solar system in your home or business can help to significantly reduce electricity bills and have a positive return on your initial investment within 3 years.

Solar Panels

The ‘face’ of your solar system. During the daylight, your solar panels work by capturing the Sun’s light and stimulate electrons built into the solar cells in the solar panels to generate direct current (DC) electricity. There are a wide variety of solar panels available and Sunface Solar are your experts in choosing the right solar panel to suit your solar system needs.


The ‘hardworking’ piece of your solar system. The purpose of your inverter is to convert DC electricity generated from your solar panels into 240V AC electricity which can be used to power your home or business.


The ‘storage’ of your solar system.  Batteries are used to store the electricity generated throughout the day to be used at night when your system is no longer generating power. Solar battery technology is a quickly developing component of your solar system, and an essential element if your lifestyle means that the majority of your usage is in the evenings.