Sunny Central Up 4000 / 4200 / 4400

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Sunny Central Up 4000 : 4200 : 4400 - Sunface Solar

Sunny Central Up 4000 / 4200 / 4400

SMA’s most powerful system with an output power of up to 4,600 kVA for Small-Scale Utility Solar PV and Large-Scale Utility Solar PV plants offers the advantage of 17% to 54% fewer inverters. With the Sunny Central UP, you benefit from significant cost reductions on transportation, installation, commissioning and service. In addition, reducing self-consumption by a total of 53% will lead to a considerable decrease in operation costs.

Separate voltage supply and additional space are available for the installation of customer equipment. True 1,500 V DC technology and our improved intelligent cooling system OptiCool™ ensure smooth operation even at extreme temperatures and with a service life of 25 years.

DC coupling

  • Cost-efficient connection of battery-storage systems via DC coupling
  • No separate battery inverter, medium-voltage transformer or medium-voltage switchgear required
  • Improved system efficiency thanks to fewer conversion stages (PV -> battery -> utility grid)
  • Up to 6 DC inputs for DC-DC converters with batteries
  • Disconnecting the PV array for charging and discharging batteries at night

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