RESU Gen2 400V

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RESU Gen2 400V

A Home Battery can store the extra energy generated from solar panels to use at a later time. Power your home with a Home Battery when the cost of energy is high or during a power outage. You can now be independent from the electrical grid.

  • The compact and sleek design of the RESU allows you to place it anywhere you want, both indoors and outdoors.
  • The RESU provides reliability for your home with its industry leading longevity.
  • The safety of LG Chem’s lithium-ion Battery is proven in the automotive and ESS markets.
  • The RESU models can be combined up to 2 units to increase energy capacity.

Your Options

Resu 7H Type R Download Data Sheet
Resu 10H Type R Download Data Sheet
Resu 10H Type C Download Data Sheet

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