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Sungrow Australia Group Pty. Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd.. Sungrow Australia office has been established in Sydney since 2012. With this rapid development, Sungrow Australia has built one of the largest solar inverter manufacturers teams in Australia covering sales, technical support, projects and after sales service. The Sales team and technical support team are based in North Sydney and Sungrow warehouse is located in Pendle Hills. Over 6 years local support experience, we have built national service networks and our service contractors are ready to help installers or customers for warranty enquires.

Customer satisfaction is a Sungrow core value. To this end, all technological innovations for products are centered around real customer needs, not marketing directives. Sungrow covers all power needs from small residential systems to commercial roof-based installations and large solar power plants on land, lakes or even the open sea.

A house, a block or a city all require energy. Sungrow provides scalable solutions to satisfy the residential, commercial or even industrial needs for clean and sustainable power. Our portfolio includes the inverter and storage technology, as well as everything to operate these components within your budget and efficiently. Our products seamlessly integrate into existing grids in accordance with all standards of certification.

Sungrow components are easy to set up. Our inverters are designed to be lightweight and compact, with a mounting plate that includes an internal level and unique push-in connectors that save time on installation. Complete the set up via website or app which utilises a fuse free design with smart string current monitoring.

Sungrow PV inverters are operating at up to 99% efficiency. Full compatibility with newer bifacial solar modules and a value of 9 MPPTs (Maximum Power Point Tracking) that monitors the changes in sunlight intensity and adjusts by choosing the optimal load for the solar cells to get the most usable power output. This results in a higher energy yield and more income.

Look to a Brighter Future

The sun is the solution to most of our energy challenges. The ability to harvest solar power and deliver it where and when it is needed exists. We just need to start using it. Sungrow’s cutting-edge technology for residential, commercial and large-scale energy generation plants utilises state-of-the-art PV power generation and system integration technologies to harvest and store this abundant energy and thus provide clean power for all, today, tomorrow and beyond.