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Sonnen Back-Up For Efficient And Reliable Power Supply

Back-Up For Efficient And Reliable Power Supply

Battery backup is what the solar power system at your home needs to work more efficiently and to help you save more. Recent years have witnessed remarkable advancements in the battery storage systems making them the forefront of the solar energy systems for home and commercial complexes.

Among them, Sonnen has garnered the attention of solar energy experts for its innovative features, higher efficiency, and advanced technology. Let’s check how the Sonnen battery back-up system can complete your solar power system in a true sense.

Why do you need an efficient battery back-up for your solar power system?

The solar power system basically works on the concept of converting the energy received from the sun rays into usable electricity that can be supplied to your home or commercial premises. And this function is performed primarily by the solar panels. This is why solar panels are like the heart of your solar power system.

However, solar panels have limitations as these panels can produce electricity only during the daytime when they are exposed to bright sunlight leaving you without power at night and when sunlight is poor.

Hence, without an efficient battery back-up system, your solar power system would not work as reliably as expected. The battery back-up serves as an intelligent brain and guides the optimum performance of your solar power system. It stores the energy produced by the solar panels so that it can be used later to supply electricity to your home.

This is what makes a batter back-up system an essential component of your solar power system.

Why Sonnen?

Intelligent, economical, and long-lasting… This is how the solar energy experts at Sunface Solar describe Sonnen batteries.

The SonnenBatterie offers a high-tech power storage system. In combination with a photovoltaic (PV) system comprised of solar panels and inverters, Sonnen batteries would cover nearly 75 percent of your yearly requirement for electricity with clean and environment-friendly energy.

Let’s check how the technologically advanced and the innovative design of Sonnen batteries convert into cost-efficient and more reliable energy generation.

Technical specification of Sonnen Batteries

Sonnen batteries are designed for higher intelligence and automated control center for managing the power needs of your household. These batteries feature innovative technology that supports an automatic increase in the consumption of energy during periods of high-power generation.

The built-in system intelligence of these batteries features predictive charging for the optimization of electricity usage according to the daily weather updates.

Batteries are the basis of any electricity storage system. Over time, they get charged and discharged thousands of times due to which their efficiency and lifespan reduces considerably.

Sonnen batteries are designed to avoid these problems. Sonnen Batteries exclusively uses the lithium-iron-phosphate batteries and provides the most sustainable and reliable technology thus ensuring greater longevity and safety of your solar power system.

Sonnen batteries are designed keeping in mind that every household has its own specific power needs. These batteries are developed and manufactured as a multi-stage back-up system that can be easily adapted to the most diverse power needs of any household.

It offers varying storage sizes from 5 kWh to 15 kWh, making it suitable for a detached house as well as a multi-family home.

The energy capacity of these batteries can also be expanded individually in blocks of 2.5 kWh. This feature can be useful when you feel the need to increase the electricity storage of the system.

Sonnen battery back-up system comes with a complete storage system that is ready to connect to your solar power system.

Inside every Sonnen battery system, you will find extremely durable and efficient battery modules along with inverters, measurement technology, an intelligent energy manager, and software to operate the entire power system smoothly.

Additionally, the modular design and the all-in-one compact case of Sonnen batteries provide the highest flexibility while installing them in your solar power system.

Unlike most other battery systems, the components of Sonnen batteries are attuned perfectly to each other and built into a high-quality single casing. This unique design ensures higher longevity and maximum efficiency with a smaller carbon footprint.

Which Sonnen batteries are right for me?

SonnenBatterie hybrid

The hybrid Sonnen batteries include inverters for your PV system providing maximum cost efficiency. It eliminates the need to attach an external device to the solar power system for converting direct current (DC) produced by the solar panels into alternating current (AC) to be used by your house.

This can reduce the total cost of your solar power system significantly. It also makes the system more compact and efficient.

SonnenBatterie Eco and Eco 2

The Eco and Eco2 batteries offer perfect solutions for those looking for greater flexibility. These battery back-up systems are not bound to any PV system size and have a modular design making it the most compatible companion for your solar power system.

It can be easily connected to any other power source and is compatible with micro co-generation units, mini wind turbines, and fuel cells.

The solar energy experts at Sunface Solar recommend sonnenBatterie Eco and Eco 2 to those who already have a PV system. These battery back-up systems can be easily connected to your existing installed system enabling you to enjoy solar power day and night.


Solar energy is generated on your own roof and not by any energy provider. Having a solar power system at home allows you to choose the best batteries, panels, and inverters making you more energy independent than ever before.

Sonnen batteries offer the newest technology for maximum longevity and highest independence. This is why; Sunface Solar trusts SonnenBatterie for your solar power system to help you reduce your electricity bills and have a better hold on your energy future.