Canadian Solar

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Canadian Solar have a strong, dedicated local presence in Australia, with over 50 employees around the country combining our global solar expertise with local knowledge to meet all your solar needs. Our expert local team provide a full suite of solar solutions, both as a module and solar services provider.

As a single source for solar panels, inverters, and more, Canadian Solar simplifies your access to solar with a unified service. We offer dedicated logistics and warranty support — all from a local team that really understands solar. Backed by Canadian Solar’s global expertise and bankability, we are here to stay in the Australia; continuing to provide long lasting, world class solar solutions both now and in the years to come.

To date, Canadian Solar has shipped over 52 GW of modules which can generate around 65,464,725 MWh solar power per year. This help reduce around 44 million tons of CO2 annually, equivalent to around 36,252,502 trees planted.


Canadian Solar’s technology team set a world record of set a world record of 23.81% conversion efficiency for n-type large area multi-crystalline silicon solar cell. The record-setting N-type P5 cell conversion efficiency was tested and certified by Germany’s Institute für Solarenergieforschung GmbH (ISFH). This is the third time within a span of nine months that the company has set multi-crystalline solar cell conversion efficiency world record ( 22.8% and 22.28% records for p-type multi-crystalline cells).

This is a milestone for our revolutionary n-type P5 technology development. It proves that both our p-type and n-type multicrystalline silicon technology can achieve efficiencies as good as mono. We remain focused on expanding our technology pipeline to provide our customers with the most LCOE-competitive products.


Solar projects typically have a designed operating lifetime of 25 years. Canadian Solar’s PV panels are manufactured with uncompromising quality control and adherence to strict international standards and it is important to us that this commitment is maintained through to the end of life for our solar modules. A high-quality solar panel has a guaranteed lifespan of 25 to 30 years and experience in the field shows that up to 40 years is possible.