Is Solar Power Worth It?

Is Solar Power Worth It

With the cost of electricity from conventional power grids rising too frequently, people have come to realise the need to install a solar power system for their home and commercial premises.

Having your own solar power system at home seems to be a reliable and cost-effective option to ensure you receive an uninterrupted power supply at all times without bearing the electricity bills.

But is solar power really worth it?

Are the total costs involved in the purchasing of the solar panels, inverters, and batteries really less than what you are paying for your electricity bills? Let’s find out.

How to check if solar is worth the investment

How to check if solar is worth the investment?

Though solar power is definitely a reliable source of energy, it may not be feasible for all. While the solar energy produced by the solar panels comes absolutely free to you, it does involve initial costs for the purchase and installation of the panels.

Additionally, you also have to spend on solar batteries for power back-up and inverters thus adding to the expenses.

This initial investment will later help you cut down on your electricity bills or perhaps even allow you to go off-grid which could really help with saving money. 

But, you need to consider a few parameters to decide whether these savings in your electricity bills could offset the initial investment you have to make in the purchase and installation of the solar power system.

Factors such as the current electricity rates and the future anticipated rises in the power charges have to be taken into consideration for determining whether you will be able to recover the solar panel system costs or how long would it take for you to break even.

If you are planning to go solar, read on to check how to find out whether solar power is worth it.

How to determine if solar is suitable for you?


Your location

Australia is one of the best climates to invest and install solar power to your home or business,  with long hot summers and blue skies during the winter, you will be getting ample amounts of good sunshine hours to store up. 

Solar panels work their best when facing the sun, so should ideally be installed facing North, however this may not be possible and the best option for everyone, and its all down to location and individual homes.

Sunface Solar recommends installing a battery-back system in your solar energy system will help you make the most out of the sunny days. The batteries can store the energy produced by your solar system on sunny and warm days. This stored energy can be used to power up your home when the sunshine is poor.

So, having a solar power system could be worth the investment even for those who reside in areas without warm summers or sunny weather.

Electricity charges

Your electricity charges

Your current electricity charges are the largest factor to consider for determining how much you will be able to save by installing a solar power system. You have to pay for your electricity bills depending on how many units or kilowatt-hour (kWh) of power you use.

The rates vary significantly depending on your location and your service provider. If your electricity charges are higher, reviewing your rates often. 

You also have to consider how frequently your grid power provider raises the charges of electricity. If you have had a not-so-pleasant experience with your provider, going solar could be a great option to go off-grid so that you can avoid the excess charges of surges in electricity costs and peak prices.

So, what happens if you create more energy than you use?   This is a definitely perk of installing solar, if you are on a net metering system you can be sure that your excess power will not be going to waste and will feed directly back to the grid, which would result in a credit being applied on your next bill.  Each energy provider may have different prices and tariffs so it’s worth shopping around for the best fit for your circumstances.

Cost of solar power system

Cost of solar power system

Installing solar power system comes with an initial cost of solar panels, inverters, and batteries and the installation of the system.  Sunface Solar offers the best quality solar panels, and other accessories at reasonable prices making it a good place to start your solar journey with reduced investment.  There are often government incentives to help with the cost of installing solar, the rebate is often depends on which state you live in for more information visit

Sunface Solar are experts, with a wealth of knowledge they can provide advice, on the location of the panels, invertors, and battery sizes based on your requirements, to maximise production and improve durability of your new solar panel system.



Solar energy is looped up to as a great way to reduce global warming and prevent the rapid depletion of precious limited natural resources like fossil fuels. Installing a solar power system at home will help you play a role in conserving fossil fuels making it one of the best environment-friendly options for the power needs of your home.

Solar power experts at Sunface Solar

Solar power Systems can most definitely save you money, and there for they are worth the investment

The solar power experts at Sunface Solar can also provide guidance about the optimum usage of solar energy to help you go off-grid. Sunface Solar provides excellent services and support for the installation of your entire solar power system making it a one-stop solution for your energy needs.

This would definitely make solar energy worth your hard-earned money and help you enjoy a reliable and cost-effective power supply at home for years after years, call Sunface Solar on  1300 786 322 to chat to one of friendly team.

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Is Solar Power Worth It
Is Solar Power Worth It?

With the cost of electricity from conventional power grids rising too frequently, people have come to realise the need to install a solar power system

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