Is Solar Power A Reliable Source of Energy

Is Solar Power A Reliable Source of Energy

Before you invest in solar power, you must first make sure whether it is a reliable source of energy. There are concerns about whether solar energy can be feasible and whether it can provide an uninterpreted supply of energy to your house.

You also need to consider the recurring costs before you make the initial investment for the purchase and installation of solar panels. Read on to make sure whether solar power would be worth the investment and whether it really is a reliable source of energy.

How reliable is solar power?

As far as the lifespan and reliability of solar panels are concerned… Yes, solar energy is indeed reliable. The panels are durable and require minimal investment for maintenance and repairs, if any.

Will solar panels provide a reliable source of energy for your home

Will solar panels provide a reliable source of energy for your home?

Solar panels depend on the sun rays falling on to them to produce energy.  There is a common belief that they are worthless at night. Also, in most places in Tasmania, sunshine is highly differentiated. So, solar panels may produce a fluctuating amount of electricity to power your house depending on the season.

Whilst these might be concerns of yours,  there are ways we can overcome these obstacles. Some solar panels have batteries in which the energy produced is stored. The batteries are charged when the panels are exposed to sunlight. The electricity stored in the batteries can be used to power your home at night or when the sunlight is not so bright. 

Speaking of this, solar panels can be quite reliable for those staying in Tasmania. On average, it is estimated that places like Launceston in Tasmania receive bright sunlight for nearly 4 hours a day, especially in its South-West regions. If you take the calculations further, that’s a whopping 1500 hours of sunlight per year.

That’s not all.

If you travel further towards the North-East regions of Launceston, the average goes up to nearly 7 hours a day, which is close to 2600 hours per year.

It would a huge waste of sunshine if it is not utilised to produce electricity. For any person who has realised the importance of slowing down global warming, using these 4 to 7 hours of daily sunshine to produce electricity through solar panels is a step in the right direction.

Additionally, the warm climate of Tasmania and the abundance of sunshine it receives make solar power a highly reliable source of energy for people staying in this region. 

What about monsoon and winter months

What about monsoon and winter months?

You may have concerns about whether solar energy would meet the energy requirement of your house during monsoon and winter when sunshine is available for limited hours a day.

It may so happen that your solar panels would produce energy enough to power up your house only during summer and spring and leave you having to switch to conventional energy during winter and monsoon.

However, the batteries in your solar system would help to avoid this problem by storing the energy in them. The electricity stored in them could be used to supply power to your home on days the sunlight is dim. 

Four Reasons Why Solar Power Is Reliable?

Higher efficiency

1. Higher efficiency

Solar panels have higher cost-efficiency. In the past few years, solar panels and batteries have become easily accessible, affordable, and more efficient and resilient.

They also provide energy security and peace of mind, unlike conventional power that often goes off in the event of rain or storm.

Cost-effective option

2. Cost-effective option

Solar panels can offset your electricity bills and accrue savings. The solar panels from Sunface Solar System are designed to replenish the energy generated from the sunrays. It would remove the uncertainty, inconvenience, and expenses of diesel-powered generators and refuelling gas. So installing solar power for your home will offer a reliable and year-round efficiency and saving.

Control over the power supply

3. Control over the power supply

Having a solar power system at your home will give you control over your electricity supply and freedom to use it without relying on the conventional sources that may fail, at times.

The energy produced by solar panels during the daytime will be directly supplied to the power appliances in your house. At night, the appliances can still be run on the energy stored in the batteries of the solar system.

This is how installing solar panels would help you achieve energy independence making it a reliable source of energy.

Provides renewable energy

4. Provides renewable energy

Solar power offers a renewable source of energy. It reduces your reliance on fossil fuels like oil, natural gas, and coal. These sources of energy produce harmful emissions that can contribute to air, water, and soil pollution. The burning of fossil fuels is also responsible for global warming; and is not considered environment friendly.

In contrast, the energy produced by solar panels causes no pollution. The sunlight offers an unlimited source of energy that would not harm the ozone layer or strip the landscape.

Switching to solar power would help to conserve the limited and non-renewable energy sources and protect the environment. This is why; solar power is considered a reliable source of energy and a wise investment for the future of the planet.

Most Australians are looking to limit their use of fossil fuels and choosing solar-generated electricity to light their homes.

In places of warm and temperate climate like Launceston where the sun shines brightly in summer and spring, using a solar panel could be a reliable and cost-saving option. It would produce favourable numbers on your electricity bills and help you play a role in conserving the limited natural resources needed for producing conventional electricity.

Sunface Solar is a reputable and trusted company located in Tasmania. Contact our friendly team on 1300 786 322, to discuss your solar requirements today!


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