Why Solar Power

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In modern times, businesses and homeowners are turning to solar energy more than ever before. With a growing focus on environmentalism and the lower cost of entering the solar market, there’s been no better time in history to invest in a solar system. Whether you’re interested in commercial or residential solar, there are options to suit everybody.

Your motivations for going solar might differ—maybe you’re looking to save money on your power bill, reduce your carbon footprint or increase your home’s resale value—either way, the benefits are unmistakable.

8 Reasons Why You Should Install Solar Panels Today

1. Reduce Your Electricity Bills Drastically

Investing in solar panels for your home or business is one of the best ways to save on long-term energy costs. While the initial cost of installation can be pricey sometimes depending on individual’s house design and requirements, you’ll quickly and easily recoup your investment costs by drastically cutting your electricity bills.

Once your solar power system is installed and ready to go, you’ll start generating free electricity for the entire lifecycle of your system (which can last for more than 25 years). Even if you’re using some energy from the grid, your solar system will still lead to exceptional savings.

2. Protect Yourself from Rising Energy Prices

Every home or business owner dreads the annual rise in utility costs. Every year, your electricity bill seems to rise, even if you’ve tried cutting down on your power usage. Investing in a solar energy system as soon as possible is the best way to keep yourself safe from the dreaded electricity price surge. If you’re a home or business owner with fluctuating or uncertain cash flow, investing in solar will help you better predict and manage your ongoing expenses.

Why Solar Power? - Sunface Solar
Cost effective energy solution - Why Solar Power? - Sunface Solar

3. Increase the Value of Your Property

In modern times, when looking to buy, people are interested in environmentally friendly and energy-efficient homes more than ever before. Several studies have shown that solar-powered homes sell quicker and turn a greater profit for sellers. At the time of sale, home appraisers and valuers are taking solar installations into serious consideration in their property reports. In the coming years, the demand for solar electricity will only continue to grow, so now is the time to invest.

4. Do Your Bit for Climate Change

Investing in a solar power system is one of the best choices in the fight against climate change. Solar energy is green, doesn’t emit greenhouse gases, and limits noise pollution on the environment. It also doesn’t pollute the air like alternative power generation options. By going solar and avoiding non-renewable energy sources like gas, oil and fossil fuels, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and power your home with the cleanest, most accessible and most renewable form of energy available—the sun!

5. Take Advantage of Government Initiatives

Have you heard of the local government’s STCs, or Small-Scale Technology Certificates? The aim of this important government initiative is to increase the electricity amount generated by renewable sources. When you’re an eligible buyer investing in a new solar energy system, the government will provide you with several STCs, that will reduce your solar cost significantly.

6. Show that You’re Committed to Environmental Protection

For business customers – The next generation of customers and consumers are more interested in environmental protection and sustainability than ever before. Keep your business ahead of the curve by investing in solar—it’s a great way to boost your brand and prove to consumers that you care about building a better world.

7. Improve Employee Morale

By installing a solar panel system for your business, you’ll not only grab the attention of consumers—your employees will be pleased, too. Employees work better when they know their employer cares about their health and their future. Modern employees have demonstrated a real appreciation for business owners who invest in sustainability and environmental protection.

Why Solar Power? - Sunface Solar

8. Benefit Your Community and the Surrounding Economy

By installing a new solar electricity system and promoting its benefits, you’ll proudly proclaim to your local community how dedicated you are to invest in a better future. Further still, the installation of your new system will encourage and create jobs in the electricity sector, while supporting the option of cheaper electricity for your neighbours. Invest in solar for your future today

Thinking about making the switch to solar? The friendly team at Sunface Solar can help you choose the perfect solar solution for your home or business. Our hardworking team is proud to be a part of the best solar panel company in Australia. We offer a range of panels, storage solutions and inverters to suit every individual’s needs.

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